Sunday, December 30, 2007


On friday I took my Father to get a tattoo, which came out really well. It's beautiful. But this isn't about the tattoo, it's about the loons that wander in and out of the shop all day. The shop is in an odd little part of town and there are always guys with varying degrees of sketchiness roaming around.

I'm sitting there chatting with Paul and then I notice some guy shuffling around.
His shirt read "WILL WORK FOR RABIES."

I don't have any idea what that means.

Friday, December 21, 2007


I love these paintings....

visit to see more. He paints other things too, but these meat portraits are really really neat.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Really good movie, really bad poster...

"No Country for Old Men" was a really really good movie. I've mentioned before that I love a good movie poster. Too bad the poster for this fantastic movie is so horrid....

It's so obvious. See, it's a chase/pursuit film. The poster stinks. There's no need for the looming face of "Anton Chigurh" to appear anywhere on the poster. We get it. That guy is chasing that other guy. Jesus. I think it would be more powerful if he wasn't revealed until you saw the movie. When "Seven" first came out in theaters, no one revealed the killer in any ad or review prior to the movie's release and it was a really neat element to the film. "Anton Chigurh" is such a powerful and creepy character that it would have been great to bring that little element of surprise to him as well.

Here, I fixed it...

You still get the idea that it's a pursuit film, but the "so-obvious-it's-not-at-all-symbolic" element is removed.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Why so serious?

I love this one-sheet for "The Dark Knight."

It's so creepy and stark. The design of everything related to this movie is fantastic. I love a good movie poster.

Did I mention how excited I am for this movie? Geek!

Monday, December 17, 2007

The Winter is winning...

...and I am losing.

The street I live on is a slight hill, and my neighbor's drainpipe flows down the sidewalk in front of my house. With all the rain on Sunday in addition to this drainpipe business, the sidewalk in front of my house became a skating rink of sheer, shiny ice.

As i was scattering salt around on Monday morning before I left for work, I lost my footing and slid down the sidewalk on my back. Wheee! Then as I was getting up, I fell on my stomach and ended up sliding even further down the sidewalk. I finally gave up and crawled the sidewalk length to finish salting the death-trap. I ran out of salt with only half my sidewalk salted. I didn't want anyone else to bite it in front of my house, so I ran inside, made a few signs that said "CAUTION! BLACK ICE ON SIDEWALK!" and taped them to the bottom of my front step railing. I figured, I'll just run to the store, pick up a bag of salt, drive back, throw it on the sidewalk and be on my way to work.

Of course, the supermarket was out of salt, so I had to get cat litter. Eh, better than nothing.

I drive back to my house, and hop out of my car to spread some litter on the rest of the icy sidewalk.


This time I cracked my head on something, maybe my bottom stair, I don't know. Ouch! I think I got knocked out for a few seconds, but I'm not sure. Next thing I know, I'm lying on the sidewalk on my back. I think I'm dead. Seriously. The back of my head felt a bit wet. I thought, "This is it. I've cracked my head open and I'm dead. My cat is going to starve to death, and I'm dead."

For some reason, I think that if I can scream something out loud, I'll be able to tell if I'm dead or not. So I scream "Cocksucker!!"

Seemed like a good idea at the time. Now, not so much. I should have probably screamed something tamer, like "Birthday Cake!" or something. I don't know, odd ideas pop into your head when you think you're dead.

It turns out that my neighbor heard me, which in my head meant that I wasn't dead. Because he heard me and he's not dead.

He asks if I'm ok, as I'm lying in what I think is a pool of my own blood. I whimper "yeah" and slowly get up, fully expecting to see a big crimson puddle on the ice.

No blood in sight.

It turns out that the warmth from my body was melting the ice beneath me, and I mistook the melting ice for the wetness of blood. How gross.

I have fallen on ice more times in the last three days than I have in, I don't know, SEVEN YEARS.

Saturday, December 15, 2007


Yesterday I had my first Three Stooges moment of this year's ice and snow season.

It happened as I was getting out of my car at the supermarket. I opened the door and stepped out. My feet instantly went out from under me like those fawns that are first learning how to walk. My knees went smashing into the icy cement, and now my kneecaps look like two shiny purple plums. Also, for some reason I tried to break my fall with the TOP of my left hand. I ended up splitting my knuckle open on the ground. AH!

The funny thing is, I was going to the supermarket to pick up some rock salt for my own icy driveway.

As I was checking out, I asked the cashier if she had any papertowels or something so I could clean up my knuckle a bit. She asked what happened and I told her. The manager was called over and craziness enveloped me... "Where did it happen? Did you hurt your neck? Don't Sue. Are you sure you're ok? Please don't sue. Show me where in the parking lot you were. Don't sue. Please don't sue."

Obviously, I'm not suing. The thought never even entered my mind. I simply wanted to clean up my hand so I didn't bleed all over my steering wheel!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Snow me.

Yesterday was the first substantial snowfall of the Winter. When I got home from work I had to shovel my driveway before I could park. Normally when it snows, I try and gun it up and over the snowbank into my driveway. There was just too much snow for that to work. I tried anyway, but stopped once I smelled the burning rubber of my tires spinning pointlessly in the snow.

The sidewalk in front of my house is home to a fire hydrant, so the first thing I do when shoveling is dig out around the hydrant and make a path from it to the street. Safety first!

Anyway, I'm digging around out there and my jerk neighbor comes outside and starts up his snowblower. He then notices me shoveling, stops his snowblower and goes back inside. What the hell. I didn't ask him to snowblow my sidewalk or anything, and I don't expect him to. Is he really that spineless that he feels guilty for not offering help and therefore has to hide inside his damn house until I'm out of site?

All my other neighbors were helping each other dig cars out, salting sidewalks, taking turns sledding down the street and generally having a good time, despite the winter mess. It was great.

I finished shoveling and went inside my house. As soon as my front door slammed shut, that tool came back outside, started up his snowblower and started his driveway.

What a jerk.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I'm so geekishly excited for this movie. I love the darkness of the Christopher Nolan Batman movies. Much much better than the cartoony nosedive the other Batman movies took.

Also, the viral marketing campaign for this movie is insane... clown cakes with cell phones in them, Gotham newspapers handed out in airports, skywriters, odd phone calls, not to mention several websites for Gotham City businesses.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Books and more books...

This weekend I went to the New England Mobile Book Fair with Myk and Allison. I hadn't been there before, and it was overwhelming. The place is huge and choking with books. A lot of the shelves have books BEHIND other books. Everything is discounted, which is great for cheapskates like myself. They have current titles there as well as lots of great out of print stuff. I saw a neat Robert Crumb collection sitting in the stacks, but I didn't adopt it because I already had a half dozen books in my arms.

It's not really all that organized, which means you have to hunt around to find things, but that just makes it all the more interesting. I could have spent several hours there, but forced myself to leave lest I bought too much.

I really can't express how amazing this place is. It really just needs to be visited to understand.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Hatch Show Print

Last night I saw Jim Sherraden speak about the history of Hatch Show Print. I've been a fan of the work they do over there in Nashville since college, so it was fantastic to finally meet the man who helped bring Hatch Show Print back to life.

I really really think that what Jim is doing is important, not only for design, but history in general. He's not allowing any new typefaces to be brought into the shop. So, jobs that are printed there now use the same type blocks that were used back in the early 1900s. Those letter sets in the trays have so much history behind them...posters for political campaigns, traveling variety shows, pharmacy ads, posters for musical acts coming to's amazing.

After the lecture, there are print re-strikes for sale. I am the proud owner of these two prints...

Great, two more prints to add to my pile of things I need to have framed!

Here's a nice video about Hatch Show Print, snatched from youtube...

Here is a short little Video of Jim working in the shop. Again snagged this off youtube...

Monday, December 03, 2007

Extra! Extra!

An article was recently published about Bag Lunch. Visit the Bag Lunch Press blog to read it...