Monday, October 01, 2007

Let me check my schedule.

Last year, after resisting for quite some time, I broke down and bought a weekly planner. I resisted because it's just another thing I'd need to carry around. I finally bought one after cleaning out my bag and throwing out dozens of scraps of paper with info about shows I was going to and a bunch of little appointment cards for various things I needed to not forget.

So I bought a planner. A little fake leather "old man" planner. And it's seriously increased the quality of my life. I never have to worry about missing something. I just need to refer to my little book. It's great.

So I went to the flea-market near my house on Saturday to pick up some cheapo shower curtain liner to use as drop cloths for a painting project, and I saw my exact same generic planner, all spiffy and new for 2008. For a dollar!

Whoo-hoo! I'm so excited that I'm all set for the new year. Right now it's just sitting in my office, ready to go as soon as the ball drops in Times Square. heehee.

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