Monday, October 13, 2008


I haven't updated this blog in a LOOOONG time.

Time for excuses......
I'm neglecting this blog because I've been working on a giant secret project that is almost ready to be revealed.

to tide you over, here is what has happened in the last month or so....
• my house is finally getting a new heating system • dolemite is still an asshole • i'm re-modeling my spare bedroom • a hutch is being built for my kitchen to hide dolemite's litter box... so you could say that his bathroom is getting re-modeled • Myk and Allison got married • my car overheated on the way to Myk's wedding • i've got costochondritis, which means the cartilage around my sternum is strained... it hurts! a lot! • i can survive for 3 months on my apocalypse food ration • spent many sundays at the SOWA open market • pumpkin on my doorstep because it's october • i'm way behind on my laundry •

After my super-secret project is all ready to go, I'll be able to get back to rambling about nothing on this blog.

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