Thursday, July 12, 2007

"A shingle with a shimmy and a shake"

Last night I picked up three more vinyl and chrome barstools that i got off craigslist. They are in perfect condition. How fantastic.

A lot of people build tiki bars or midcentury bars in their basement "rec rooms".. but I don't drink, so I'm building a diner.

I hunt around for authentic midcentury furnishing for everything in my house, and stuff for the diner is no exception. I'm not opposed to repro stuff... my living room set is repro, but It's always nice to find authentic. These last three stools are repro, and the ones I picked up a few weeks ago are authentic. Luckily, they blend together nicely.

This diner will take a lot of work, Besides the actual construction of the lunch counter, I've got to rip up the carpet that's down there, throw down some tile and paint the walls. Some electrical re-wireing has to be done, as well as the addition of a sink, so that the space is actually functional as a "diner."

I like to throw shindigs, and this will open up a whole new area where people can mill around when I'm entertaining. Very exciting.

by the way... it's buttered toast with jam or jelly.

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