Sunday, July 01, 2007


I have really great neighbors that live across the street. We'll call them "Dan"" and "Mary." Dan and Mary asked me to watch their house for them while they vacation on Cape Cod from Friday to Tuesday. No problem. I've looked after things for them before, and will gladly do it again.

SOOOOOOO.... Some friends and I went to a demolition derby (which is a whole other story). We met up at my house to drive from there. When my friend Chris arrived, I told him to park his car in their driveway so that it would look like someone was home there. Fine. ( A lot of people seem to think that houses won't be broken into if a car is in the driveway because it looks like someone is home, I somewhat can't hurt anyway.)

We go to the derby, have a grand old time and then get back to my house around 12:30 Sunday night (or monday morning, whatever). As I'm driving down the street I notice Chris's car is gone. Oh good. It's been stolen. I hope Dan and Mary's house wasn't broken into!

Then I notice a light on in Dan and Mary's house. I call Mary.....

Mary says Dan came home early from their vacation, saw the car and went around to all the neighbors to see who it belonged to. I, of course, wasn't home. Dan thinks maybe it's mine. Mary tells him that I would have left a note or called them. (I didn't call them because I didn't want to interrupt their vacation, because they weren't supposed to be back until Tuesday. I was just trying to help them out by keeping a car there!) After much hemming and hawing, Dan had the car towed. The police showed up to make sure it wasn't a stolen vehicle and blah blah's at a tow lot.

I call Dan and get the number for the tow company and call 'em. They don't open until 8am. Oh wonderful. Chris is freaking out. I'm obviously going to pay to get the car out because this is all my fault, so there is no need for him to worry about it.
I suggest he sleeps in my spare room, so that we can go to the tow lot right when it open, because the tow lot is actually less than two miles from my house. Chris says he needs to sleep in his own bed and that I need to drive him back to his house in Dorchester. I would normally not mind at all, except now I have to go pick him up at 7 in the morning tomorrow so that we can be back at the tow lot when it opens.. it's now 2:30 in the morning.

This could all have been avoided if i simply called Dan and Mary to let them know I parked a car in their driveway. I was simply trying to make it look as if thier house wasn't empty!

Hopefully there are no problems getting the car out of the lot tomorrow...

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