Thursday, February 14, 2008

Your time has come

I've been in denial all winter, but the time has finally come to replace my heating system. The boiler has simply become too unreliable. I have had to get the damn thing serviced twice in the last week.

One night last week I came home and Dolemite was standing in the kitchen all puffed up because he was cold. Poor cat. I can generally gage how long the heat has not been working by the "puffed up-ness" of his coat. It would seem that the heat had not been working all day. I hardly notice anymore. I think my blood has thickened and I"ve become impervious to the cold.

Once my current tank of oil is gone, Orville (the boiler) will be put to pasture.

I'll be switching over the house from oil to gas, as gas requires less service and I already have a gas line in for my clothes dryer and stove.

"They" say that everything breaks the first two years you are in a new house. This coming June marks two years, so hopefully this will be the last thing that will go. I hope so, because I can't even think of anything else that COULD break in my house, unless a tree falls on my roof or something.

I hope I didn't just jinx myself.

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