Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Another dumb thing I had to have....

There are two sorts of flea markets: ones with antiques and nostalgic curiosities from times past, and ones that have card tables full of things that "fell off a truck."

I enjoy both sorts of flea markets for entirely different reasons. I love hunting down mid-century knick-knacks and furniture, and I also love cheap plastic crap and bins overflowing with "almost perfect" tennis shoes.

The flea market five minutes from my house that runs every weekend from now until November falls into the latter category, and it is there that I found this...

The above thing is a cheeseburger-shaped lighter. Yes.

I obviously had to have this thing. It had to be mine. This silly thing isn't ceramic, but it'll still fit in nicely with the other burgers in my collection.

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