Thursday, August 30, 2007

Home Depot, you are dead to me.

The following list is composed of things that were supposed to occur this week. The items marked with a "YES!" did, in fact. happen. The items marked "TOOLBAG!" did not happen.

My Father and I go to HOME (Incompetent assholes) DEPOT last week to place an order for deck building materials. YES!

Man at Home Depot gaurantees delivery for Thursday Morning. YES!

My Father drives to Suburbia from his own home, 100 miles away, the night before the delivery date. YES!

Building Supplies are delivered Thursday morning. TOOLBAG! TOOLBAG! TOOLBAG!

Ahem. Let me explain...

Wednesday when I got home from work, my Father was already there, sitting on my couch watching some zombie movie. There was a message on my answering machine from a guy from Home Depot. Let's call him "Idiot."

In the message, Idiot says that part of my order was out of stock and that he looked at my order and thought there wasn't much I could build without the out of stock item, so he went ahead and cancelled my Thursday delivery, and rescheduled it for Saturday, when the out of stock item would be back in stock. He then says to call him if there is a problem with this. He'll be there until 3pm.

Three? It's now 6 in the evening. I call anyway and the woman who answered says to call back in the morning at 6 AM and they should be able to load the in stock portion of my order and deliver it LIKE WE AGREED UPON and i PAID for.. No where in my delivery contract did it say "If an item is out of stock, an Idiot will assume you don't want ALL THE OTHER STUFF you ordered and will reschedule the entire order, leaving you with nothing to work with."

I call back in the morning and explain the situation to Idiot. Idiot says he tried to call four times and then left a message on the fifth call. Funny, because my phone logs all calls that come in and there was only ONE call from Home Depot. He gets flustered and mutters something about calling and he's lying to me.

The out of stock item is a bunch of wood for the top of the deck, so his assumption that we can't do any work until we have the out of stock item is false. More arguing goes on involving me asking several times why he was making judgement calls regarding what part of my order I need when and him tellimg me some crap about the trucks already leaving so nothing can be loaded on them today anyway. Uh, it's 6 in the morning.

I ask him why the out of stock item wasn't flagged as such in their inventory when we ordered the wood a few days ago. He said it was in stock AT THE TIME WE ORDERED IT, but when it came time to load the truck wednesday, that particular wood size had sold out. Huh? So ordering items from Home Depot for delivery is in no way a guarantee that the item will be available when it is time to be delivered. Because they don't put anything aside for anyone's order. They just hope the items won't sell out between the order date and the delivery date. I ask him all this and he says that yes, that is the way it works. That is a horrible way to process orders. How dumb.

I hang up and then my Father calls back. hehehee

I then walk into the other room to get some breakfast and I keep hearing my Father say, "That's not my fucking problem. Rent a truck. We have a contract," several times.

Then I hear the best thing, ever...
"I don't care if all you have in stock is one nail. We ordered it, so you put it on the truck and fucking deliver it."

So yeah, everything is getting delivered on Saturday, but we did get some money off our order and also free delivery, so that's something.

I really hope the delivery shows up on Saturday.

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