Thursday, August 02, 2007

Shove it.

The above picture sums up how I feel right now.
I've been dealing with this whole identity theft crap all day, and I'm still not finished squaring everything up. I've got to go to the bank tomorrow and iron some stuff out. This is crazy.

Everytime I think about this, I picture the Rockettes in a kick-line with top hats singing "Identity Theft" over and over again while kicking and waving their hats in the air. I don't know why.

Aaaannnnnd, to top off my great day... I get home and the sidewalk on my side of the street has been removed. All that is left is really deep, soft dirt the entire length of the street. Something to do with the water lines or something. I hope a new sidewalk gets put in soon. The woman that lives next to me is in a motorized wheelchair and now she can't leave her property because her wheels can't make it through the dirt... she gets stuck.


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